with apologies to gogol

…mildly racy satire inspired by Gogol’s ‘The Nose’, published in The St. Petersburg Review (December 2011) …

Most of my fiction is ‘true myth’, some would say ‘hallucinogenic realism’, a slight, oblique departure from the facts that serves to illustrate a heightened way of being/worldview.

transmissions from an ordinary star


mansions where they dwell

…the gods at the party….

100 percent humidity

…of love and climatic anomalies…


…. a novella about life in Cairo…when I tried to publish this they told me I needed to decide whether it was fiction or not.  Too much bizarre real life detail and characters too over the top, they said. These people have clearly never been here.

weekend in alexandria

…train ride… encounter with a prodigy…political assasination and religious scandal… Published in Fiction International 38 (San Diego, 2005)

earthquake of 2012

…the city demolished …the president dead (again)…the people in the streets..rejoicing!

this was posted in 2011 by but written in 2008.

the diamond stroke

…Texas rodeo…subversive theater… snake handlers… a diamond heist…


photo: aalam


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  1. Thor says:

    كل سنة و إنت طيّب

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