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met.coverRead an excerpt from Meteorite (“It Came From Outer Space”) published in Cabinet Magazine.

Meteorite does a splendid job … illustrating the religious, social, literary, artistic, political, economic and even culinary impact of meteorites, with the help of reportage and anecdote as well as site photographs and portraits . . . Maria Golia writes vividly and wittily … and ample science is elegantly slipped into the book. – Claudio Vita-Finzi, Times Literary Supplement, June 1, 2016

Author’s interview re: Meteorite for National Geographic.

Meteorite – has arrived… Sky at Night Magazine, October 2015 Book of the Month

This is a beautifully written, well-researched book that looks at the science, history, and social aspect of meteorites. Here is the story of stones from space, and I recommend it to anyone interested in these fascinating bits of other worlds which have landed here on Earth. Christopher P. McKay, NASA astrobiologist

Maria Golia has brought to her truly wonderful subject  a matching spirit of wonder,  and has  explored the science and magic, art and uses of ‘lightning rock’, ‘iron rain’, and sacred betyls, with passion, wit – and fiery compression. Marina Warner, author and mythographer

“[who] would have ever expected that rocks falling from space would be such an important contribution to humanity’s intellectual evolution? If you want to understand the landscape of meteorites in the 21st century, then Golia’s book is your one-stop-shop to get you up to speed.” Professor Martin Horejsi, Meteorite Times

‘an extremely well-researched book, with its focus away from the scientific details, and squarely on the place of meteorites in various aspects of human culture.’ John Rowlands, Astronomy Now

 (See my ‘about’ page for more information on Meteorite)

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  1. I came across an article you wrote, science of preserving Egypt’s heritage. I just wanted to thank you for that article. First the tombs endure centuries of robbers and now they face a tidal wave of tourists. If I think of all the damage that will be done over time , I’ll lose sleep!!!!!! thnks for the article. from Richard in Los Angeles

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