Cairo: City of Sand (Reaktion Books, London, 2004)

  …a magnificent, multidimensional, eloquent and, above all, intelligent portrait of one of the world’s most enigmatic places.     – Anthony Sattin, Sunday Times, London

…packed full of observations of enduring worth…She writes with wit, immediacy, intimacy and humor.       – Barnaby Rogerson, Times Literary Supplement, London

…is it possible for a foreigner living in Cairo, even for many years, to know the soul of this city? …you will be astonished when you read Maria Golia’s book.   – Rushdi Abul- Hassan,  Sabah El-Kher Magazine, Cairo

…the extent of Golia’s insider status really shows… not just regarding matters specific to Cairo, but to matters of Egyptian-ness in general. – Motaz Attalla, Beirut Daily Star

…astonishingly astute, skillfully critical and deeply empathetic. – Cherine Badrawi, Daily Star, Egypt

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Photography and Egypt (Reaktion Books, London 2010)

…An admirable and precise historical analysis and critique of the conditions under which photographs were produced [in Egypt], as well as an assessment of their impact on the region.  Catherine David, chief curator, Musées de France, exhibition catalogue forParis Photo, November 2009

…strikingly observed. Golia’s relaxed prose belies her careful research. Her history of photography can also be read as a challenge to [Egypt’s] people and their problematic search for authenticity. – Eleanor Kilroy, Times Literary Supplement, London April 2010 

…Photography and Egypt is a treasure….Golia is a terrific writer… [the book] thrives on her intense and unyielding affection for Egypt, an ardor balanced with humor and the occasionally brutal critique of…the current regime… – Bidoun Magazine, New York/Dubai, Winter 2009-2010

… Swift-moving,  sophisticated and serious, Maria Golia’s narrative  comes right down to the present day.  – John Rodenbeck, Association  for the Study of Travel in Egypt and the Near East (ASTENE)

…conjures the real Egypt to life before the reader, and unfolds the development of a vernacular photography from topography, middle class posturing and propaganda, to political and social activism bearing witness to contemporary events. –F/22 Magazine

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  1. I love this book, bought it a few years ago from Kotob Khan. It’s funny how I found it fascinating, considering I’m a native Cairene myself. I don’t know how you managed to cover so much in one (relatively small) book, but it really brought a lot about Cairo to my attention that I’ve overlooked before. Although (my copy?) isn’t a hardback, I use it as a coffee table book. I love showing the pictures and some surprising information to my friends from it. I hope there’s more to come!

    • mariagolia says:

      Thank you! I still hope my books will be translated into Arabic some day; I wrote them in homage of/gratitude towards Egypt and Egyptians, so it’s gratifying when a Cairene recognizes his/her city in their pages.Randa Shaath’s pics are wonderful, I was lucky to collaborate with her –

      best wishes, maria

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