A deliberate online presence slowly materializes….

photo: sherif alkatscha



About mariagolia

An American author in Egypt....
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6 Responses to Aha!

    • Gareth Stanton says:

      I enjoyed your Cairo book so much I just wanted to tell you so. Searching for a way to contact you I noted that Vita-Finzi wrote a review of your Meteorite book. Many years ago I did a course with him at UCL. The essay I turned in he deemed the ‘worst he had ever read’. Oddly I remain proud of that. He was a very nice and super sharp man.

  1. arita baaijens says:

    Wonderful to meet you online! Hope to receive many posts in my mailbox. xx Arita

  2. Abdullah says:

    Enjoyed “The laughter is dying down in Egypt”. Well done, yet sadening as it rings true in every respect. God help us when we cannot find laughter in our own idiosyncrasies. Those that seek to restrict or deny such by holding to their perceived religious fallacy have forgotten the words of the one that guides them when he responded to his companions concerning his joking and poking fun at them. He, peace be upon him, said, “I only say whats true”.

  3. Vincent says:

    Ths 4 the great work!

  4. mahmoudhossam says:

    I am confident in the work of Maria golia because she works with love and conscience

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